disc herniation
This is a catchall phrase that is commonly used to describe the pain associated with a variety of conditions from subluxations, to Tunnel syndromes, to the referred pain from trigger points (see below) a pinched nerve is actually an irritated, or inflamed nerve where the nerve itself is not actually pinched.
In most cases they become irritated and inflamed when the bones, joints or muscles of the spine are not in their proper position, or are not moving properly, this condition is called a “subluxations,” the treatment of which is the specialty of a chiropractor.Trigger points are very tight knots of muscles that form when muscles are either chronically overworked were injured, and are often experienced as a pitching were burning pain.

It is very important that the cause of any form of pain be properly diagnosed. At our Holladay, UT chiropractic office, the Drs. at Capstone Chiropractic have many tests and techniques to determine the cause and correct your nerve pain or dysfunction.