What to Expect

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Prepare for a new experience in your health and well-being! We look forward to assisting you on your journey to feeling good again! From the moment you arrive for your first visit, you can feel confident that our doctor and staff will provide their best treatment for your quickest return to health.


Your First Few Visits



When you first check in at the front desk, you will be given forms to fill out that will provide Dr. Rowell and Dr. Fisher information about you, such as the nature of your condition (what brought you in), your medical history, and other health-related issues. Our receptionists are available to assist you with the paperwork, if needed.


Initial Consultation (Free)
Before any treatment can safely begin, Dr. Rowell and Dr. Fisher will review your paperwork and discuss your current pain, conditions, and concerns. To help him better assess your treatment needs, he may ask you to stand or walk, which shows him your posture and gait. This visit mainly consists of conversation with the doctor, however,  if the situation warrants, the Doctors may offer you a minor adjustment or muscle relaxation session, to provide you some pain relief for a few days while he puts together a personalized treatment plan for you.


Dr. Rowell and Dr. Fisher perform assessments of posture, strength, range of motion, and other orthopedic checks to help determine which areas of your body are being negatively affected and to what extent. You will stay fully clothed for the examination. These test results provide a baseline of your health, and act as a reference point of progress during repeat examinations.

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Full spinal x-rays are taken at the beginning of treatment. Additional views will be taken based on need determined by the doctors.These help detect underlying spinal conditions or misalignments that may be causing pain and other health issues. You will remain dressed for the x-rays, but will be asked to remove metal objects from your person, such as jackets with a zipper or belts with metal buckles.


Results & Treatment Plan

Approximately one to two days after your initial visit, Dr. Rowell and Dr. Fisher will meet with you again to discuss the results of your x-rays and examination. He will report all of his findings, and explain potential problems associated with those conditions. He will also discuss the treatment options that will bring you the best results in the shortest amount of time. During this visit, billing staff will discuss your insurance benefits (if applicable) and various payment plans that are available to you.


Adjustments & Payment

Regular adjustments are essential to the healing process. The Capstone Chiropractic staff do their very best to work treatments around your schedule. For those who need corrective care, as opposed to maintenance care, treatments can be rigorous for the first months, from 2-3 times a week to daily adjustments, when necessary. Extended payment plans are offered to help keep what may seem like a pile of payments from deterring you from continuing treatment.

Once your body begins to heal, and the worst pain and symptoms are staying relieved (or if minor care is prescribed from the start), adjustments will slow down to once or twice a week, then once or twice a month, and finally, only as needed, to maintain results

When you make the effort to be healthy you are not reactionary, but proactive.  You will be able to avoid many of the problems that affect people.  This does not mean that you will never have health problems or injuries, but it does allow you to live your life as full as you are possibly able.  You can live life to the fullest and enjoy more of the activities that you love.